The Rain (PT.2)

Stacy was startled when Max rubbed against her leg. She jumped back, he looked at her with glassy eyes. She came up to him and patted him on the head. He rolled over on his back playfully. Shonda poked her head out of her door and called out to her mom. Is every thing OK down there. Her mom replied, ‘it’s fine’! And so she went back to bed. On getting there her phone rang. Emanuel was calling her.

It was already 10:00pm. She taught of not talking the call, but then she remembered all the events, which had took place earlier on that day, due to the heavy rains. She answered the phone. ‘Hello’! He replied, ‘Good night’! ‘How are you doing’? ‘Are you safe with all this rain?’ ‘I haven’t heard from you all day, are you ok’? She replied I’m fine just going to bed. ‘How are you’? She asked. He replied ‘I’m OK’! ‘I was just a bit worried about you, have you seen the news’?

She said,’ yes’! ‘I know you were worried, but I’m fine and so are you, it’s a school night so am off to bed.’ ‘We can video chat tomorrow please God after school if you like’! He said, ‘OK’ Then disconnected the call. Shonda quickly drifted off to sleep, with the sound of the rain still pouring outside. The next day was Monday morning. It was a brand new day and week full of possibilities. She wanted to be well rested and that she was.

She woke up at 5:30am sharp. To her surprise, the rain was still pouring outside. She came out of he room and headed straight to the bathroom. She took a bath and brushed her teeth. She changed her clothes then headed down to the kitchen. Her mom was already there making breakfast but today she helped. They made eggs, waffles, nature’s cereal and orange juice. Shonda fed Max , while her mom set the table.

They both sat down for breakfast together, after saying grace the began to eat. They discussed what they had planned to do that day: but it was still raining heavily. After breakfast the went to the living room where Stacy switched on the television. The 600am news was on. The reporter on the screen stated, ‘Due to the constant heavy rain fall, the road ways remain closed and persons are asked to stay at’. ‘Do not attempt to leave your home under any circumstance’!

‘There is a number passing below your screen’. ‘If you need food or water, please contact that number’. ‘You will be given further instructions’. ‘This has been a scary situation for all of us, we are all praying that the rain subsides soon’. ‘On behalf of everyone here at the studio, please stay indoors and pray’. ‘Good morning’! Shonda looked at her mom and her mom looked backed at her- ‘what are we supposed to do today’?, asked Shonda. Stacy replied, ‘we’ll figure something out, we always do’.

Max came from the kitchen and jumped onto Shonda’s lap. She stroked his fur, which made him really happy. He licked her hand. She giggled. Stacy left Shonda and Max in the living room. She went back to the kitchen and began to look around. She was deciding, what she was going to prepare for their lunch. She went back to her room and made a call. When she got back to the living room. She saw that Shonda had fallen asleep on the couch, and Max was doing the same next to her.

She went back to the kitchen. Where she prepared- scalloped potatoes, fried rice, green beans, grilled chicken and fresh salad. She also made apple juice. When she finished, she went to the bathroom and took a shower. Three hours later, Shonda woke up her mom was on the other side of the living-room on the other couch viewing a movie. She got up but Max had already gotten up before her. She took him to the kitchen. She fed him she then grabbed a shower. She then re-joined her mom in the living room.

The Rain

The following morning, Shonda woke up to the crashing sound of thunder. The skies were a heavy gray. Rain began to pour heavily outside. The sound it made on the roof top, was almost deafening. She came out of her room and headed down stairs. Her mom was already up preparing breakfast.’What’s for breakfast’?, she asked her mom. Stacy replied, ‘your favourite’!

Shonda was delighted. She hurried back up stairs. Brushed her teeth and took a quick bath. She came dashing through the kitchen. When she got there, the table was set with BlackBerry pancakes, Strawberry waffles, whipped cream, syrup and orange juice. She looked at her mom and thanked her. Stacy admired her daughter as she devoured her breakfast.

Max was outside. They almost forgot him in the rain. Stacy hurriedly opened the door and he happily came in the house. He dashed into the living room where he mad himself cozie and drifted off to sleep. No one had came to claim him. That did not want to send him to a pound so they kept him. She left his food and water in the kitchen.

After eating they watched the news the roads were closed. There was flooding and a couple if major land slides. There were several casualties, but rescue workers were on location helping manage the situation. It was hard to get an emergency medical team (EMT) to them. They had to lift the injured persons by using a sheet, while four persons carried them as steady as possible until they got to where the ambulances were.

It was a scary scene on the television. Stacy decided that she and her daughter, should have some fun as they were home bound.She also wanted to keep her a bit distracted, from the horrors of the world. She changes the channel to something a little more suitable for the weather. She then went to the kitchen and made popcorn, she also poured herself a glass of Red wine.

She came back to the living room, where they viewed Manifest. It was a series TV show. It was based on a plane, Montego Air flight 828 and its passengers. The plane had some turbulence and seemed to be a short time was actually five years later. The plane disappeared without a trace until that faithful day when the plane landed. They already saw both seasons one and two. This was season three.

The passengers were being targeted by both the government and civilians alike. Some were even killed. The theory of what happened to the plane, was it had exploded and the passengers were resurrected, to do the work of God. They both enjoyed watching this television show very much. Tho Shonda asked her mom many questions. Stacy didn’t mind answering them. After the show had ended they decided to do mani-pedis.

At around seven pm, Stacy changed the channel to view the local news. There were many casualties, added, to the ones that had taken place earlier, that day during the news brief. Thankfully no one got killed. They were also a few minor accidents along the road ways. Stacy was glad she decided to stay at home with her daughter and did some quality mother daughter bonding.

That night, they went to bed with the rain continuously pouring. Suddenly, the phone rang loudly down the hall way, near the kitchen. Both Shonda and Stacy, were startled by the unexpected ring. Max started barking uncontrollably. Stacy rushed out of her bed room, she came down the staircase, and answered the phone, but there was no one at the other end of the line.

The Meeting.

Shonda and Emanuel, decided that they would meet one day, after school. Approximately two months, after just having conversations on the phone, they finally said to each other, that they would meet the next day. Bright and early that faithful Friday morning, Emanuel called Shonda.

They spoke about where they would meet on that day. She already knew, that Emanuel had been living in San Fernando,but what she did not expect, was for him to move to a closer residents in the city of Port-Of-Spain. That aftetnoon, when Shonda had gotten out of her school compound she called Emanuel. He was already at the location, which they had planned to meet that warm afternoon.

She wanted to know, how he got there so fast. Knowing the distance he had to travel, to be there at that particular time. He then explained, that he hadn’t attended school that day, and his cousin and him-self had moved from San Fernando and now they live in Port-Of-Spain. Shonda was speechless. She then hung up the call, and continued to the destination. On arriving there, she met with Emanuel for the first time.

He was tall, brown skin toned, slender built, brown curly dougla hair, brown eyes. To top it all off a bright shiny white smile. He hugged her and she reciprocated his embrace. They stayed like this, for what felt like seconds, but it was actually minutes. Finally, Shonda noticed someone staring at them intensely, from across the street. She froze just a little, but still managed, to ask Emanuel if he had known the person, whom which had been staring at them.

To her astonishment it was his cousin Adrian. Emanuel called to his cousin from where he was standing accross the street. He came closer and Emanuel introduced them to each other. Shonda felt uneasy. Adrian’s eyes felt like they were piercing into her soul. Shonda was a site for sore eyes. She was four feet and six inches tall. She had a small waistline, wide set hips, medium sized busts. Long curly light brown hair. Brown glassy eyes,pink plush lips. She was georgeous and had quite a physique.

Shonda got closer to Emanuel as Adrian came up to them. Emanuel hadn’t noticed how uneasy Shonda was immediately . After paying close attention to her behavioural change, he then noticed. He held Shonda’s hand to comfort her. He finished his conversatipn with his cousin then he told him he’d be right back. He then turned to Shonda and told asked her if she wanted to take a walk. She agreed.

They window shopped for a little and talked alot. They talked about, what they had planned when they left school and for the future. Finally they came back to the spot which the had first seen each other. They then said their good byes, until they met with each other in future. Shonda then got transportation to take her home. On her drive there, her phone rang until she answered. Emanuel was calling her to make sure she was ok. Which she was.

She finally arrived home. Her mom was worried about her, due to how she got home late, on that day. She explained to her mom, that she had met with a friend. They had gone window shopping. Her mom did not think anything of it because they had such a close relationship. That night, Shonda was restless, she could not settle in her bed. She tossed and turned for hours, until she finally drifted off to sleep.

Chapter .1. School Life

Shonda was now in 11th grade. She was always a quiet child. She kept to her self,most of the time. One day while Shonda was in her class, her phone rang. She took her phone from her pocket. The number which had dialed her, was one she had never seen before. She answered and to her surprise it was a guy.

Shonda was intrigued. She asked the guy, whom he was trying to get in contact with. He told her, that someone had borrowed his phone to call her number. She was some where between shocked and disbelief. She then proceeded to ask the guy ‘what was his name’? He told her his name was Emanuel. She also asked where he lived. He replied San Fernando.

Shonda knew where San Fernando was located, but only on maps. She rarely ever left the house, to venture new places, without her mom present. Shonda was the type of girl who was pure and innocent. While her peers, were all living lives, that was far, too much for her imagination. Shonda was some what excited, to have a conversation with a boy. Well, one that was not attending the same school she attended.

Later on that faithful day Emanuel called Shonda’s phone once more. She hadn’t expected him to. Her personality, was one that attracted anyone. Shonda and Emanuel spoke for hours that night. Shonda was excited to have made a new friend. For the next couple weeks, Shonda and Emanuel got to know each other a lot better.

Emanuel had a cousin. His name was Adrian. Adrian was around twenty seven(27) years old, when Shonda learned about him. She taught, that two cousins living as roommates was a good thing . Little did she know,that they weren’t actyally close, just living in the same house. The events that were about to take place was one Shonda never saw coming.


She wanted to make her mother proud no matter what.Shonda never really had an easy child hood. Her mom was both her mother and father. She loved her mother more than anything else in the World.

Time passed by and Shonda was around fifteen (14) years of age. While attending HighSchool, Shonda was invited to many parties, but she never knew much about partying.

She was grown in a way, where the world and the things in it, were some what non-existent. Meaning – she never experienced it, to know what it offered. To her, the world was filled only with beauty.

Little did Shonda know, that the next chapter of her life, was just on the brink of beginning.

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